solar panel system sydneySolar power is not only beneficial for the environment, but the solar panel rebates & incentives available greatly help to lighten financial burden. We can help you understand how solar panels work and assist you to plan a solar power project within your price range to determine what solar incentives are applicable for you. There are several types of monetary benefits when you start to generate solar power – including government rebate programs, feed-in tariffs, and financing and tax incentives. Our experts are eager to work with you in finding ways to support your solar power project.

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solar panel incentives sydneyThe solar power market in Australia is definitely growing. More than one million homes have switched to using a solar photovoltaic system, in part because of the increase in rebate and incentive programs available. Rebate and incentive programs were raised so that consumers could begin to enjoy the financial benefits of using solar as early as they could. And should you decide to install a solar panel system in Sydney, we have experts who are willing to help you analyze what rebates or incentives you qualify for.

Types of Solar Panel Rebates
• Government Rebates for Solar Power
• Feed-In Tariffs
• Financing and Tax Benefits


solar power rebates sydneyThe Australian government sponsors rebate programs, such as the Solar Credits Program, to help offset the cost of initial solar power system installation. The Solar Credits Program assigns renewable energy certificates to units of solar energy produced, and those certificates can be exchanged for cash. Renewable Energy Certificates are now called Small Technology Certificates. Power companies, to help meet their green energy goals, purchase Renewable and Small Technology Certificates which sells them excess energy your new system produces. Our experts can help you learn more about energy certificates and other types of government rebates you may qualify for.


solar incentive feed in tariffs sydneyA more well-known benefit of solar power is being able to sell excess power generated back to the power company. A feed-in tariff is a premium, above market value, paid for excess power generated that is sold to the power company. Our experts will gladly help you get informed about feed-in tariffs and other solar incentives available before you finally decide on switching to solar power system.


solar-panel-programs-sydneyThere are special financing choices feasible to homes and businesses when switching to solar power system – and few of those programs are available without a deposit. These programs can help you collect a higher return on your investment and begin to enjoy the savings associated with your solar power system more quickly. Some costs of your solar project may also be tax-deductible. Give us a call today to find out more about what financing programs or incentives may be available for you.

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The Government of Australia and solar panel manufacturers currently still offer a number of incentive and rebate programs to help get you started with solar. Some of these programs even apply to community buildings, schools, churches and similar groups that may be able to take advantage of solar power as well. Solar rebates and incentives aren’t just mainly for solar panels. Solar products like solar hot water systems can qualify for these programs too. If you are considering installing a home solar panel system, give us a call. One of our experts will be happy to go over your financing options and incentives which may be available to help offset the cost.


solar panels contact sydneySolar Power is becoming more popular and affordable. Call us today and we’ll be able to help you get your solar power system going. We handle all steps of solar projects, from consultations, financial planning, design, paperwork, final installation, and getting connected to the power grid. With all the solar rebates and incentives available, there has never been a better time to help the environment by investing in and creating solar power.

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