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Solar energy is created when the sun’s energy is made into a usable power source. Solar energy can be used to power large commercial sites, retail stores, schools, small businesses, and homes. Best Solar Panels Sydney has the products and skills to meet all of your solar project needs.

Our experts will take the time to answer your questions about solar energy and its benefits. We can help design the best solar power system for your needs and energy use, and are able to help with all steps of the process, from paperwork to final installation and getting connected to the power grid.

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  • solar powerBefore you make the decision to switch to solar energy, it’s important to understand how it works, what it costs, and what it can do for you and the environment. Our solar experts can guide you through solar information to learn more about whether your home is a viable option for a solar power system, as well as the benefits of solar.
  • Solar panels are carefully placed on your roof with the best positioning for absorbing sunlight
  • Panels are constructed using photo-voltaic cells that absorb the sun’s rays even when it’s cloudy
  • Panels are connected to a solar inverter which is placed at your home
  • The solar inverter converts DC energy into more usable AC current which can be used as electricity in the power grid and in your home
  • Perhaps the best known solar fact: once you are generating solar energy for the home, you can begin saving on or completely eliminate power bills, and additional electricity that is generated can be sold back to the energy company

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solar energyAustralia has some of the highest energy costs in the world, which drives many to look for less expensive alternatives, and has caused growth in the solar industry. By choosing the right system, the cost of installation will be about as much as your currently pay for power, or maybe even less! In a few years when the system has been paid off, you could be looking to save 80% of your monthly power bill. Choosing solar energy can help protect you from rising energy costs; with the right solar power system, it is possible to generate energy for nearly any business or home.

Solar energy is also a good choice for the environment, as it is a clean energy source. No fossil fuels are burned to create the energy, and greenhouse gasses are not created in the process of making the energy. This means that by switching to solar energy, you are not only saving money, but also helping to protect our natural resources. This means cleaner air and water for you and your family today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


sydney solar contactBest Solar Panels Sydney will answer any of your solar questions, and we have a solar energy FAQ available. We can get you the best solar deals available, and handle all steps of your solar project.

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