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With a lot of people talking about solar panels, it is essential for you to get solar energy facts right so that you can make an informed decision about acquiring your own solar energy system. Equipping you with accurate solar energy facts is what we know how to do at Best Solar Panels Sydney. We are always on hand to take you through the fundamentals of these new innovative systems. There are loads of solar information available and the solar facts we provide for you are bite size pieces of solar energy information that go a long way in making you understand solar energy better.


solar power advantage sydneyAustralia is widely regarded as the most efficient continent in the world when it comes to the capability for harvesting solar power. In other words, when you purchase solar panels in Australia, the deal you are getting is better than what you would get in any other part of the world.

The Australian government is encouraging more people to make the solar power switch by initiating programs that will provide financial incentives for their benefits. Another solar energy fact that will motivate you to go solar in Australia is that in the last three years, standard electricity prices have increased by one-third and they are billed to continue increasing as this means solar energy setup costs is at its lowest ever while the cost of other electricity options continues to rise. With the aid of roof space only, it is possible for Australia to power itself with the use of solar energy alone, totally removing anything associated with the carbon footprint for electricity production. These are some of the reasons why the time to explore the use of solar panels as a viable alternative to other types of electricity is now.

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solar panel system sydneySolar panels have been greatly improved to be effective enough to cater for electricity needs during cloudy days and inclement weather situations. Solar panels achieve this through collected refracted sun rays that find their way through cloud cover as well as other conditions. Essentially, this guarantees that you won’t be without power while using solar energy.

Another exciting fact about solar energy is by using substitutes as a replacement for silicon crystals and through more efficient production lines, solar panels are now 500 times cheaper when compared to 50 years ago, a further confirmation of the point that the best time to purchase your own solar panel system is now.


All stars produce the same solar energy qualities just like the light from the sun and apart from being in the top 5% for size in the star system, the sun is also close enough to be effective.

This means that we have the closeness needed to make optimum use of one of the most important solar energy sources in our galaxy. The sun is already utilised in the provision of the energy required on our planet to fuel life by taking part in photosynthesis as a way of feeding our plants and by extension all life forms that make use of energy either directly or indirectly from those plants.

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Now is your opportunity to also harvest the same energy with the use of solar panels to power your home appliances through a process that is naturally occurring with zero negative environmental impact. Call us now to schedule an installation so that you can start harvesting solar power for your own benefit.


solar power rebates sydneyBuying and subsequent installation of a solar panel system can be a big investment coupled with the fact that there are some solar energy facts to consider when calculating the costs. Solar panels themselves normally cost about one-third of the total cost for the installation of your solar energy system. You will be required to get the proper permits as well as hire an expert for the installation so as to avoid damage to fragile and expensive paneling systems. Be sure to give us a call right away and we would be on hand immediately to help you pick out the perfect solar panel system and also find you suitable government rebates and financial incentives to reduce your solar panel installation costs.


Give us a call now and we will set you on the right path to acquiring your own state of the art solar panels in a matter of minutes. Our representatives at Best Solar Panel Sydney will also find you government rebates and incentives you are qualified for to ensure that the cost associated with your solar panels are drastically reduced. If you have any questions on solar energy or anything related, call us today so that you can speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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